Judicial Selection Process And The State Of New Jersey Essay example

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-In this writing assignment I will discuss the judicial selection process in the state of Virginia and the state of New Jersey. I will talk about the specific qualifications needed for each state. I will present a brief overview of the steps an individual has to learn to become an attorney, which can contribute to a judgeship. I will also discuss the step of removing a judge from office.

-The six steps to become a judge: Step one is to attend undergraduate school, earn a law degree, pass a Uniform Bar Exam, become a practicing attorney, and obtain a judgeship and complete training. The Virginia judiciary is composed of the Supreme Court, the court of appeals, the circuit court, and the district court (Staffer, 2016). The district court has limited jurisdiction. In 1999, the Republican majority established a joint judicial advisory committee to examine and assess candidates for vacancies on the Supreme Court and the court of appeals and to provide detailed information to the general assembly on their qualifications (Staffer, 2016). The local citizen commissions was set up by the Republican legislators to evaluate the nominees to be on the circuit court and district court.

-The legislatives selects the state court judges in Virginia, which is identical to the selection process for the Supreme Court, court of appeals and circuit court judges. As outlined in Article VI of the Virginia Constitution, judges are elected by a majority vote of the Virginia General Assembly (the…

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