Essay on Judicial Review : The Supreme Court Of The United States

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The Judicial Review has the power of the Supreme Court of the United States to analyze actions held by Congress and the president and come to a decision whether or not the actions are legal under the Constitution. This review acts by listening and deciding the legality of the many cases that come their way. Over the years, the Supreme Court has gained a few powers and the one that has a colossal gap in power from the rest is judicial review. The judicial branch’s power to assess the legality of the actions of the legislative and executive branches of government, as well as the states is called the Judicial Review. Accordingly, the federal judiciary determines the validity of such actions set by the Constitution of the United States. In brief, judicial review allows the court to determine whether or not legislation that is passed within government follows the guidelines of the United States Constitution. With this in mind, Judicial review proves to serve as an example of the separation of powers in the United States government.
Judicial Review can be viewed differently depending on how a person views government. Describing and listing, the components of judicial review, explaining the Supreme Court case that established judicial review, elucidating the methods in which judicial review defies the democratic theory, expounding how the judicial branch of the United States government is still deemed as the weakest of the three branches, discussing the mode in which the power of…

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