Judgmental Analysis Of Mcdonalds: The Marketing Strategy Of Mcdonalds

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McDonald’s is one of the most successful fast food chain companies globally. The company has expanded their chains with thirty two thousand restaurants that includes over a hundred fast food chains in other countries. The fast food chain is famous for their products, which includes their Big Macs, Quarter Pounder and Chicken Nuggets. The company’s positioning strategy, which includes targeting families, was very successful. In addition to the success of its positioning strategy, the companies slogan “I’m loving it and with its mascot Ronald McDonald has also helped the companies popularity. (Colorado State University Global) The company continues to provide its services and by offering new products to maintain its popularity within the market shares. The company is planning to develop a new, healthier sandwich that is a quinoa patty. The new sandwich will be served on a whole-wheat bun. In order to serve …show more content…
The purpose of judgmental sampling is to select individual or certain group who are health conscious. This selected group can provide the right feedback that the company need. The other plan that McDonald’s can use is the snowball sampling which “A nonprobability sampling technique that is a two-stage restricted judgmental sampling.” (Malhotra, 2012) Snowball sampling is one of the best ways to conduct a research for McDonald’s regarding their new product quinoa patty. Snowball sampling allows various resources from health conscious populations. Since these targets of populations have expertise on healthy meals, they can provide feedbacks to McDonalds on how to better prepare such meal. The next step is to use statistical inference approach to determine the sampling size. “Statistical inference means drawing conclusion based on data.” (Bullard, 2006) Using Statistical inference, McDonald’s researcher can obtain data from a larger population of health conscious

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