Judgment And Discrimination Against Gay People Essay

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Judgment and discrimination against gay people is still an issue.
Gay issue has been a particular talking point in recent years. When homosexuals claimed the same rights we have, our so called “moral values” prevented gay people to take fully part in our community. However the approach we took against them is controversial because the morals themselves preach equality between humans, which means towards transgender people as well.
Even though society embrace transgender people much more than in the past, often times, we consider homosexual people as weird and alien. Gay people, however, are nothing short of human beings and peers; thus, they deserve the same amount of respect we show to everyone else.
Homophobia is a hot topic: according
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Activists have also tried to prove it in order to obtain civil rights more easily. In fact many researchers have studied the apparently gene related fenomen. On the other hand the proof would be harmful because it would utterly separate gay people from humanity, in other words it would prove that gay people are a different “species”. However, Dr.Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute, carefully revised these theories of correlation between genes and homosexuality and claims that even though genes could increase the risk of homosexuality “ behaviors and preferences are influenced by a host of factors including learned social patterns and environment”. Moreover, the fact that multiple homosexual people change to heterosexual orientation should tell us that the activists’ claim is far-fetched.Fortunately no direct correlation exists between homosexuality and genes, in which case the difference between “them” and us would be highlighted and people classified as “transgender” would be harassed even more than they currently …show more content…
During the segregation people were so convinced colored skinned people were different that they thought they deserved to go on different buses, to wait until “the whites” were done in lines. Today we think that these different people should not be allowed to marry or live the way “we” do, but, in this reasoning we fail to consider that homosexuals are in nothing different than us. As we do have different opinions and believes that shape everyone of us, gay people made the choice to engage in same-sex relationship. The same rights we have, which are based on the value we believe in, cover all the people including but not limited to

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