Judge Wilhelmina Carson, The Series Of The Justice Series By Diana Capri

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Judge Wilhelmina Carson is the lead character of the Judge Wilhelmina Carson series otherwise known as the Justice series of novels by American author Diana Capri. The first novel of the series was the title Due Justice that was first published in 2011. Diana Capri the author of was born and raised in a small American German small town just north of Alabama where she spent much of her childhood reading books. She attended the Wayne Law School before she went on to become Wayne Law Review editor. She would later practice law for several years and rank among the top 1% of lawyers in the United States.

Diane has always had an insatiable appetite for suspense and mystery fiction and spent much of the time in hotel rooms and on airplanes studying
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Her husband is the owner and manager of one of the most popular five star resorts in Tampa. Over the course of the series justice Willa deals with a lot of legal, social, and political issues as she does her job as a judge of the federal court. She deals with all manner of legal issues from murder, to social issues like gay rights to political issues such as corruption and nepotism. She often gets entangled into the cases of her close friends and family who are drawn into illegal activity ranging from murder, theft, fraud, and political intrigues. As a judge and activist for justice, she often has no choice but to pursue her quest to ensure that justice is served even if it means she has to investigate cases herself. Willa is a character that does not stand for people that take advantage of other or treat them badly, even if such persons happen to be her boss. Willa’s quest for justice often leads to tension between her and her family but even more intriguing, they often put her in danger from people that would rather have the truth buried. Through the novels Capri asserts that often people are not what they seem to be as Willa comes to realize that the pillars of the community, friends, old hippies, and coworkers are not what they present themselves as. Through Judge Willa Carson the reader also gets to know just how …show more content…
As she is wont to do she goes against the rules of her employment in what may cost her job on the bench as it may be construed as obstruction of justice. A friend of her husband just got a nomination to become a member of the United States Supreme Court. He is such a controversial figure that even her husband had been lobbying to ensure that he does not get the appointment. For some reason the man is not liked even by his colleagues though the president is adamant that he is the best choice for the position. Willa is very interested in finding out the reasons for the president’s determination to get his candidate through but it is not going to be an easy investigation. Things get more complicated when George gets into a confrontation with Senator Sheldon Warwick about a bizarre murder that soon drags in all members of the Georges family. Willa now has to investigate a murder that has her husband as the lead suspect and as usual breaks all the rules. She gets away with it all the while telling herself that is is doing it to clear her husband’s name and to bring the real murderer to

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