Judge Court At The Mesa County Court House Essay

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Introduction: For this paper I decided to stay close and attended court at the Mesa County Court House, this court house is a District and County Court house. The judge proceeding over this case was Judge Mcnaulty. The case I thought I was going to be observing was between Steve and Samantha Cejka and was in court room number seven at eight am in the morning. However what I did not realized about the court was that there were several cases to be heard by the judge and they were at the same time. This case in particular had to do with obtaining a permanent restraining order, however because one of the parties was not present the judge actually postponed the hearing to another time, he also did this in order for the temporary restraining orders to be delivered to both parties, due to the fact the defendant said he had not received his and his had not yet been delivered by the sheriff. So the case of Samantha and Steve was fairly short, and the court immediately went into the next case.
The next case was another permanent restraining order request between a couple who was in the process of divorcing. This case seemed to be pretty messy and there was clearly a lot of emotion on the wife, Angela Aragon’s behalf, who came to court unrepresented by an attorney, which clearly hurt her defense. The husband, J’amie Aragon, came to court with representation from a private attorney whose name was not mentioned. The case starts off with Judge McNaulty reading off the facts in the case;…

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