Judaism Vs. Christianity And Judaism Essay

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As a devout Christian, I believe that Judaism and Christianity are similar religions, and I wanted to explore what Jews believe in, and how those beliefs translate into their social and political views compared to what Christians believe in present day America. Growing up, I was raised as a Christian so my first exposure to Judaism was in high school. Going to school in South Beach, I was introduced to the very present Jewish communities throughout; many of my closest friends were Jewish and we would often discuss our beliefs and our general thoughts on different religions. I took it upon myself this fall to get a better understanding of my own beliefs as a proclaimed Christian and to learn more about the Jewish population here in the United States.
Christianity and Judaism are similar religions in terms of beliefs. Some common beliefs they share include, prayer, belief in the same prophets, and a Messiah, tithing, the Ten Commandments, and especially the Old Testament. The biggest difference between the two is that Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah and the Son of God, and that he came to Earth and died for everyone’s sins, whereas Jews believe that Jesus was just a prophet, and that the Messiah has still yet to come. They also don’t believe in the New Testament; they strictly believe in the Old Testament since the New Testament documents the life of Jesus Christ, and the teachings he did with his disciples.
As previously mentioned, Judaism is a religion,…

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