Judaism, Islam And Christianity Essay

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Judaism, Islam and Christianity all have one main belief in common: There is one God and He is the creator of the world. In Judaism, Shema is the essential confession of believing in one God. “This confession is completed by reminding the people to love this God with all their heart, soul and strength; to pray the Shema on arising and retiring; and to bind its words on their hands, foreheads, and doorposts to ensure that the awareness of the one true God might permeate their every thought and action.” (Esposito, p.89) The first pillar of Islam is the declaration of faith that states that “There is no God but the God and Mohammad is the messenger of God. One need only make this simple statement known as the shahadah to become a Muslim.”(Esposito, p.244) “An unshakable and uncompromising faith in the ones or unity of God. The second part is the affirmation that Mohammad is the messenger of God the last and final profit who served as a model for the Muslim community.” (Esposito, p.245) For Muslims God through Abraham created the Quran in order to unite all Muslims. Christians are unique in the doctrine of the Trinity, which explains that God is not many gods but one God in three persons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. “There is a uniqueness of a God who is both present in and transcendent to the cosmos. This is the true God who has no equals-- the God of Abraham the very same God affirmed by Jews and Muslims."(Esposito, p.170) Though there are differences in…

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