Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Essay

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Religious is a fascinating topic to read and study to have an understanding of people actions. People all around the world have differences view about god and practice all kind of religions. The three main religions that have similar beliefs are Judaism which was founded in the year of 1300 BCE by the prophet Moses; Christianity which was founded in the year of 30 B.C by Jesus; and Islam which was founded in the year of 622 CE by the prophet Mohamed. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have a connection to each other, but also they have differences that make each religion unique and special. The main connection or similarity between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is that they all believe that there is only one god. However, Islam and Judaism believe that there is only one god, and Christianity believe in the Holy Trinity which Christian belief that Jesus Christ is the son of god and believe in the Holy Spirit. Also all three religion believe that human are the main creature on earth and that human should follow god holy scriptures. The Three scriptures: Judaism has The Torah/ Tanakh, Christianity has the bible, and Islam has the Qur’an. Christianity, and Islam have a similar gaudiness and messages to the human who follow each religion. For example, all three religion despise killing of innocent people, not steal, and to always say the truth. Accoutering to Mojzes al three religions believe in “Golden Role “which state “doing to others what we wish others do to us”.…

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