Essay on Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

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Religions are and have been for a centuries the social constructs of each culture. Every culture 's social expectencies of its citizens relies on the type of religion, the variety in each culture, and the literal religion itself. This essay will discuss the six most practiced religions. Judaism is the first consecutive religion in the three part worship of God - the omnipotent, all-powerful creator of the universe, revered in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Judaism is the beginning; its prophet is Moses, a man acknowledged by Christianity and also a prophet of Islam. The "founder" of Judaism is Abraham, who was ordered by God to sacrifice his child, Issac. However, God saved Issac, an act which surprised people at the time; child sacrifice was not uncommon. Issac then bore two children, Esau and Jacob. Jacob went on to father twelve more children who became known as the Children of Israel, and the first real Jewish people. These were the people which Moses lead out of Egypt to Mount Sinai, where they were spoken to by God and given the Torah, otherwise called the Ten Commandments. The Torah acts as the main guiding scripture for the Jewish people. The Old Testament encompasses the history of the Jewish people, as well as the Torah. Originally these events, according to the Old Testament, occurred in Palestine and Israel, which is where many of the Jewish people now reside. However, Jews live spattered across Europe, in specific places such as France and Russia, but…

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