Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Essay

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Q1. I believe that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam do worship the same God. Each of these religions claim to be Abrahamic Faiths, also, each religion is monotheistic. Abrahamic Faith means that each of these religions is following the God of Abraham. Monotheism is a belief in one God that is all powerful and all knowing. There are differences in the way each religion worships God. One difference is Islam teaches that Christianity and Judaism have corrupted the true word of God through idolatrous practices. Another difference would be that Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, the belief that God is three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I researched this in more detail and find that just because the three religions use different terms for the word God this doesn’t mean they aren’t worshipping the same Holy Spirit. People of Jewish faith refer to God as Yahweh, Muslims refer to God as Allah, and of course Christians refer to Him as God, even though people of different faiths may call Him a different name, He is still the one God of Abraham.
Q2. Islam shares more similarities with Judaism than it does with Christianity. The core beliefs that bind each of these two religions are very similar in belief and practice. The first and main similarity would be the belief in one God, although they each refer to Him with different names, He is still the one God of Abraham. Each religion recognizes many of the same prophets including the first prophet named Adam.…

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