Judaism And The Jewish Youth Essay

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As a conservative Jewish teenager growing up in a Jewish community, it should have been easy: It should have been easy finding a place to belong among the Jewish youth like myself. It should have been simple wearing pants in the summer because the only summer camp that was available at late notice was an orthodox summer camp and it (would) not be a sign of disrespectful for me to show anything above my ankles. It should have been easy, going to Hebrew School every Tuesday and Sunday to learn about people whose thoughts and values I should-should have shared, but could not bring myself to agree with some of the basic tenets of Judaism. I did not know how to reconcile the fact that Judaism did not reflect my values on justice for everyone and acceptance for all regardless of gender. I didn 't realize that conforming to Judaism was not mandatory, and so I needed to find a way to express what I believed to others who believed differently.
It should have been easy to conform to the thoughts and values of my religion, but it was not. I did not want to follow the path of Judaism that my father believed or my mother believed. I had always known that religion is was different in the eyes of everyone but, at a young age I didn 't understand what that meant. In other words, I didn 't understand that my own opinions were right for me, as long as I remained respectful to others’ opinions. I did not want to stay quiet and not express myself even at a young age, but I did. It should…

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