Juan Ramirez And Jenny Potter Case Study

The meeting between Juan Ramirez and Jenny Potter did hold a several ethical issues. When Juan got the case and read her name didn’t realize that Jenny Potter was a girl that he dated in High School. When they met at his office that is when he recognized he knew her. They right away got acquaintance with their past and build a not a professional relationship. Apparently, they kept in contact to the point that her brother and Juan play golf together. Also, Jenny’s brother, Jenny and Juan have lunch together. Here was a professional worker that was not following the National Organizations for Human Services Standards and the National Association of Social Worker Ethical Standards. As a professional on the day he met Jenny in her office and realized who was …show more content…
After conversations of the past relationship they had had in high school Juan continued the relationship from the past. The potential effect of this is that Juan and jenny could get into an argument with jenny causing not only personal issues but professional issues as well. This could lead to jenny telling Juan’s boss about what has happened and Juan could lose his job in worst case scenario. Also since Juan and jenny’s brother have been having a personal relationship when Jenny’s brother figures out that Juan will no longer be helping jenny with finding a job he might not feel the same about Juan and will try to avoid or distance himself causing the friendship to slowly die. Another potential effects are that one Juan finds jenny a job and she starts doing well, her relationship with Juan might come to a halt because she no longer needs him. This will cause Juan to fall into an emotional trance leading to an unhealthy and unstable lifestyle. The next potential effect is that jenny will not be helped, Juan will allow the past to get into the way and cause him to focus less on his professional task and more on a personal

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