Jr Rail Pass : The Main Railway Company That Owns And Operates The Once Government Owned

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JR Rail Pass
The Japan Railway (JR) is the main railway company that owns and operates the once government owned. They offer a rail pass called the JR Rail Pass, for tourists visiting Japan. Users can use almost all JR line’s trains for an unlimited amount of times. JR also owns and operates around 70% of Japan’s railway network. The pass are divided in six different passes. First the passes are grouped in three different travel lengths, they are 7, 14 & 21 days. These then are all divided up into two classes, Green (which is first class) and the regular-class passes.
Enhanced Travel & Modernization (Advantage)
One of the many points why Japan is popular is because of its modernization and evolved technology. The Shinkansen or more commonly known as the bullet train is one of Japanese’s many ingenious inventions that have caught the outside world’s eyes. Many people are shocked at the chaos of the very busy Shibuya station, where during rush hours, there are Pushers, who will literally stuff the commuters onto the train so that the doors will close. Or marvel at fast it travels, with the highest train, Nozomi, reaching up to speeds of 285kph between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka stations. (Kyodo, 2014). With so many tourists wanting find a cost effective way to travel on the train, the JR Company has offered these passes, which are very effective, especially if they decide they are going to travel from Aomori to Hiroshima. With an average ticket from Aomori to Hiroshima being around…

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