Joy 's Conflict And Goals Essay

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At first glance, the protagonist of this film can be mistaken for Riley the girl who has five small personas living in her brain and controlling her emotions. Although she is crucial to the narrative form, Joy’s conflicts and goals are what makes this story move forward. Joy is just one of the five basic emotions living in Riley’s brain, and she seems to have the biggest role when it comes to keeping Riley’s happy childhood memories or “core” memories safe in the hub. Joy’s main goal is to keep Sadness away from the console and to continue to create happy memories despite Riley’s unexpected move from Minnesota to California. During the exposition, the viewers learn that Riley has lived a happy life for the most part: playing hockey, living in a spacious house, having best friends and fun parents. Therefore, the move, a critical turning point in Riley’s life, makes Joy’s job much more difficult when Joy accidently loses control of the core memories causing the personality islands to collapse due to a dispute with Sadness. As a result, Joy’s goals change direction in order to get herself back to headquarters with the lost core memories foreshadowing a typical four-part narrative structure.
Unfortunately, Joy’s trip back to headquarters is constantly interrupted by Sadness, the antagonist. Even though Joy and Sadness are both stuck in the wacky maze of long-term memories, Sadness constantly loses interest in searching for a way out of the maze causing Joy to slow down for her.…

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