Joy Luck Club Essay

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North Fall Final Exam Essay Topics
For your final exam, you will write a timed write on Monday December 13th which will count towards 1/3 of your final exam grade. A traditional AP Timed Write Rubric will be used to score your answers. I’m looking for a clear thesis, a well-organized paper, high level of diction, focus, and in-depth analysis (two to three pieces of commentary or analogies) combined with thematic text to world and use of literary devices if appropriate. Answer all parts of the question in your responses.
1. June Woo begins the novel by explaining the “Joy Luck Club.” She watches the mothers and explains, “They see that joy and
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In a well-organized essay, trace instances of such irony in the play and discuss the effect specific instances of irony have on the audience. Finally explore the significance of dramatic irony to the overall meaning of the play.

_______50- 9 essays: These essays are exceptionally well-written, show usual insight into the topic and are very well-organized, and support assertions with appropriate examples. They remain focused on all aspects of the topic and present a unique writer’s voice. They demonstrate uncommon skill and sometimes put a cultural/historical frame around the subject. Descriptors that come to mind while reading include masterly, sophisticated, complex, specific, consistent, effective, well-supported.

_______45- 8- These essays are very well-written, show clear understanding of and focus on the topic, are well organized, and usually support assertions with appropriate examples. They focus on all aspects or the topic and show a writer’s voice. They may have a few mechanical errors, but only very minor ones.

_______40-7 7 is a thinner version of the excellent paper; still impressive, cogent, convincing, but less well-handled in terms of organization, insight, or vocabulary. Descriptors that come to mind while reading include clear understanding, less precise, less well-supported, maturing, this writer has potential, but hasn’t quite got it all. The writer’s voice is somewhat less mature than that of an 8-9 essay, but it is still

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