Essay Joy Harjo And Finding Solace And Contentment

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During times of hardship and struggle, finding solace and contentment is a major concern. When you are drowning in water the first thing you do is look for something to grab onto. Life is a lot like the ocean: big, scary, deep, filled with unknown creatures. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and scared while trying to grasp the nearest life support. Joy Harjo found a way to cope with life. It was not with drugs or with being cruel; it was with words. Joy Harjo is a Muskogee Indian that was born and – partially – raised in Oklahoma. Harjo loved words, and their emotional afflictions early on. In “About Joy Harjo” Root quotes her saying "By four years old," she says, "I knew the lyrics to most songs I heard from my mother or the radio or school. The qualities that stood out, that entranced me, were rhythm married with sound sense and meaning. Poems connected with my soul, which was a place that made dense sense." (Root). It is no wonder why she became a great woman that has a way with words. In William Pitt Root’s essay about Joy Harjo he quotes Harjo’s words when she is talking about finally going to a school where what she did mattered academically. She is even quoted as saying she felt suicidal, but at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) she had permission to be an Indian artist, permission to be human (Root). Harjo became more than an Indian girl that liked to write, she became a woman who used her sufferings in the past and create powerful images of triumph and…

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