Journeys 8 Mile Essay

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Through the journey, a person can experience exciting, dangerous and challenging situations which creates opportunities for understand themselves as well as their surroundings. However all types of journeys should have an obstacle which must be overcome, and in doing so propels the person to complete the journey. These concepts are explored in Sally Morgan’s novel “My Places” where journey is depicted as a spiritual journey of self-discovery and Curt Hanson’s film “8 Mile” which delves into a white man’s struggles in a musical genre that is dominated by African Americans.
In “My Place,” the protagonist’s personal journey was more important than reaching her destination. As the novel progresses further into Sally’s life, she begins to
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On Jimmy’s journey he attempts to get a record deal by launching himself into a local rap competition against the African-Americans. This bears resemblance to “My Place”, as he too is discriminated against because of the colour of his skin, as the common misconception is that he can’t rap because he’s “White with a mic”. The derogatory language shows that he is not accepted into the rapping community. His Trailer also brings significance to the meaning of Journey, as it symbolises his poverty and struggle to grab a hold of his life. In addition to this, early in the film when Rabbit and his friends burn the “abandoned house”, it symbolises his fears and worries being burned away. His mother’s loud shouting “What’re you doing with your life, that’s so great Rabbit?” creates a resonating question of what his destination is in life and challenges his journey into achieving that. However, with his friend Future’s encouragement “Once they hear you, it won’t matter what colour you are,” he overcomes these obstacles and finally earns the respect of African American peers. Through this self-discovery, he gained the confidence and respect which was more important than the destination itself.
Throughout “8 Mile”, Jimmy faces many complications that cause serious problems to his journey. Many of his obstacles are physical in the form of members of the “Free World”, as well as mental as he claims “You don’t know what the…I’ve been through”. The hip-hop motif in

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