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Journal review Cyberbullying Princess Nelson HCA 250 December 4, 2011 Deb Fuller

Journal Review cyberbullying
Workplace bullying is a repeated behavior that offends, humiliates sabotages, intimidates, or negatively affects someone’s work when there is an imbalance of power (Privitera, 2009). Cyber bullying is something that children and adults can do at any time of the day while at work or in school. Facebook and Twitter are some of the social networks where people go and judge one another on his or her statuses. I believe working for a male dominate workplace is by far the hardest place to work because they do not expect a female to have any
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I believe if an incident occurs the best thing for an employee to do is document it. There should be meetings and warnings should be announced to all employees that if caught bullying he or she will be terminated immediately.
The consequence of cyberbullying can be very dangerous for the person being and doing the bulling because, it can become very heated if or when the person who is being bullied gets tired of the bulling and reacts in a negative way. For example, he or she could be thinking about doing harm to the bully. It has been done before in many school shootings because of the cruel treatments of the students. The psychological impacted on the people who are bullied is very serious and it can become a strain on family members and his or her social life. People cannot understand the harm this can do to a person some people that cannot take the bullying may result to taking his or her own life. I myself was bullied in high school because of my name, my voice, how dark my skin is, and my height. I was able to grow from the bullying and seek help from my guidance counselor not all people are as lucky as me. If a person is being bullied the best thing to do is to seek help because you are not alone.

Privitera, C., & Campbell, M. (2009). Cyberbullying: The New Face of Workplace Bullying?. Cyber psychology & Behavior, 12(4), 395-400.

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