Journal Entry : Self Assessment Essay

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Journal Entry #1 – Self-Assessment

During class, on September the sixth, the class I was in was to fill a self-assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire had sixty-four questions dealing with how we operate on a daily basis. Our answers ranged from zero, meaning the question is completely false or ten meaning the question is entirely true. I wishing to sell my book back at the end of the year scored my questions on a separate sheet of paper. Afterward, we were to total our scores on a separate page, so we could interpret the scores to what area 's in our life keep us on course for success. As well, for scoring the self-assessment I also tried to complete the scoring on a separate sheet of paper. Unfortunately, the class ended before most of us were able to tally our scores. Professor De La Pena recommended we should have the scores tallied before next class because we were going to use them to understand the scoring system. Knowing that I had an hour and a half of time between classes for the next time I go to classes on Thursday the eighth I set the time aside to complete the assignment. During the time I did the assignment I put on my music from my phone because my music keeps me active and focused.

Fortunately, I finished tallying my scores quickly because the math was simple so I read what my scores meant. I scored well in discovering self-motivation with seventy-seven, gaining self-awareness with seventy-seven, accepting personal responsibility with a…

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