Essay on Journal Entry : Queens - Original Writing

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Journal Entry One: Queens

I always passed by the Flushing Meadow- Corona Park while driving through the Grand Central Parkway. I never gave the park much thought until the first day of my Gotham course. Since I live in Queens getting to the park was just an easy ten-minute drive from my home. I stood in front of the bridge in Willets Point waiting for my class as they took the 7 train coming from Penn Station. Later that day I found out that the train line they took was also known as the “international express train.” It has been called this since the train line has said to take passengers through the most culturally diverse areas in all of the U.S. (215).
We met at the bridge at Willets Point. The tennis matches were taking place and everyone who was there to watch a game in the U.S.A Open walked to the park, which was adjacent to the arena. We walked through the park and got a close view of The Unisphere. I lived in Queens my whole life and even though I rarely visited the park the large steel globe always caught my attention. I never got the chance to look up at close so I admired the detail and the steel structure. It was 12 stories high and weighed nearly a million pounds (218). Not many people know that the globe, which stands in the middle of the park, was built in the mid 19th century. It was built for an event that was created as a “beacon of hope” in a dark era. This event was the 1964-1965 World’s Fair. The theme of this expo was “Peace Through Understanding”…

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