Journal Entry About My Life and What I'M Planning on After Graduating

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June 22, 2007 will be the day that I cross the stage at Artpark for my commencement. To tell you the truth I haven't taken the time to look at my life and think about what is going to happen after I leave this bubble called Lewiston-Porter, so here are my thoughts. During this last year of high school I plan on working hard and not slacking with my work load. I plan on making the best of my senior year; my goal is to walk out of this school with no regrets. After graduation I have absolutely no clue what I'd like to do for sure. I'd like to take maybe a semester off before going to college to travel and get to know the world and cultures around me. I'd like to backpack across Europe and visit England, Ireland, France, Spain, Greece, and …show more content…
Also I'd like to grow old and watch my grandchildren grow up and maybe even see my great-grandchildren grow up, this is mainly because my great-grandmother on my mother's side is still alive and seems to be living life to the fullest and has a wonderful time watching her family grow. Most likely my children will be the master of my life, because from experience I know my siblings and I are my mothers.
So this journal entry has had me thinking about my life and what I want and with whom I'd like to spend it with, and as childish as this may sound I think I might already know. I have been dating a handsome guy by the name of Steve for about seven months now and although seven months is a short time we have helped each other through a lot and have been able to see each others true colors. We have helped each other through divorce, three deaths, a car accident, and much more. I know I'm only a senior girl who according to many has "puppy love" for this boy, and don't know what else is out there, but I think differently. This is because my parents are high school sweethearts, and have been together since my mother's sophomore year and my father's senior

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