Journal Entry # 1 : Essay

2009 Words Dec 15th, 2016 9 Pages

I would start with the one I always think of the most. My pumping hearth, that is in no need for an electric recharge like our electronics. How it quickly pumps out the blood allover the body without stop, carrying the very well needed oxygen to the body in a matter of seconds, easily achieving the impossible.

Journal Entry # 2

My bones are not the strongest bones there is, nor are they as flexible as I hoped they would be as a child but nevertheless; I am grateful for my bones. They help me walk, push, kick, punch, jump and my favorite, running. Not to forget to mention how they protect my internal organs, keeps them in place as well as my flesh and muscles. I love my bones no matter what.

Journal Entry # 3

The mind a wonderful and an amazing organ to have, it enables us to be aware of our surrounding and our world, it lets us undergo new experiences, to think, to feel, to remember and sometimes more often than not, multitask but my all time favorite is imagination. the faculty of consciousness and thought. Of its lost it can never be replaces, that’s why I take good care of it, that’s why I’m very grateful to have a healthy mind.

Journal Entry # 4

Another subject that I constantly think of, more off ten than people complain about their family members in any form. I’m thankful for my family because they not only care about me, but also that they are there for me when ever I need or want them. a family will always provide their love and…

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