Journal Entries - Ap English; How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Foster

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Journal Entries; AP Eng
Ch: 1
In the first chapter of his book, Foster lays out the conventions for a quest, stating that in most literature, modern and classic, "every trip is a quest." the novel "the Help" by Kathryn Stockett is not perhaps seen by the unaware reader to be a quest, however as it details a journey, it can in actuality be broken down into the conventions Foster cleverly recognized: every journey or trip a story embarks upon follows a pattern, and that pattern is a quest. The first component of a quest is the hero, the character – often central to the story – who makes a difference for the other characters, and often makes a great change in themselves through the experience of the quest. Skeeter is a principle
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The most poignant Blake and almond parallel in "Skellig" is the girl Mina's love of Blake's poetry and her inclinations towards art and music matching Blake's own interests. As modern author David Almond illustrates in "Skellig", with his parallels to "Songs of Innocence" by William Blake, literature can have repeated characters, borrowing from past works and imitating not only in themes, motifs, styles, or settings and events, but in characters, as described by Foster in chapter five.

Ch 6
Foster summarizes in chapter six the influential impact Shakespeare's works have had on literature, highlighting this influence in textual parallels with Shakespearean characters, themes, and courses of event. The author Tayeb Salih, a famous 20th-century author, wrote "Seasons of Migration to the North" ("Seasons") a first-person fictional account of a man who leaves his Sudanese village to be educated in London, and upon his return home becomes acquainted with the first man to leave Sudan for London, Mustafa Sayed, a character with a strong parallel to Shakespeare's Othello. Mustafa is an African, very dark skinned, living in London, England during the 1930s, a time when immigration to the United Kingdom was just beginning. As a result Mustafa romances many white, English girls, and eventually marries one, Jean. The setting of London, where Shakespeare lived and worked, as well as the physicality

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