Journal 4: What Is Important To Me

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Journal 4: What do I enjoy doing? What subjects do I like?
For as long as I can remember I have loved all things creative. Growing up my house was always filled with art and music. My dad used to take me on field trips to show me all of the artwork he had done including murals of Mickey Mouse and the Disney princesses in Children’s Hospital. His influence lead me to several won art shows and poster contests. Coinciding with my love for art and drawing is my obsession with music. Between my two younger siblings and parents we can play upwards of 20 instruments. Needless to say my house has never been quiet. My love for all things musical is a close second to my love for people and has been an integral piece in my thinking process. The act
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What motivates me to take action?
Aside from my family, faith, and friends staying true to myself is vital. I very much value the principles of honesty, humility, hard work, passion, and selflessness. I try to sustain a firm base compromised of my opinions and morals so that I can adequately build on my experiences. I have learned that when one begins to relinquish their personal values they are not as effective or successful in and out of the workplace. With my strong self-standards comes several motivational factors including goals, justice, and potential fulfillment.
I have big goals to graduate with honors, dual major and minor, become involved on campus, earn a spot at a respected internship, and use all of that to build a good life for my future family and I. Whenever I struggle in a subject I tell myself that it is essential to my degree, thus my future career which motivates me to try harder. The prospect of reaching my dreams pushes me through rough
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By definition justice is the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness. When I see that an individual, an organization, or myself are being treated unfairly I become extremely passionate to right the wrong. An example of this characteristic in action takes us back to my high school. I was class President for four years at a rural school in Southern Ohio. Known for sports, the local school did not equally value non-athletes. Because of this my class was not favored due to their musical and farming backgrounds. Over the years we had been raising money for a senior trip and when time came for us to cash in said trip we were told our funds we insufficient. Knowing this to be inaccurate I went back and sifted through four years of school board minutes to find that they had been emptying our account into the general football fund. My findings led to a prompt meeting with the board, superintendent, and principal where they not only agreed to pay back the money but compensate us for the injustice. In this instance I was highly motivated to incite a change because I knew people, my loved ones, were being treated

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