Joseph Stalin 's Father Of A Street Gang Essay

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Joseph Stalin 's background might have been why he became the terrible person that he was, when he was young his father abused and beat him. His father Besarion Jughashvili was a part time shoe maker and a full time alcoholic. He also beat Stalin 's mother. He was born on December 18, 1878, in a peasant village in Gori, Georgia. He didn 't grow up speaking russian, he didn 't learn Russian until he was nine. While in power he had to speak Russian for his people to understand him. In the last years of his power, it was reported that his ability to speak Russian deteriorated. When Stalin was eleven, he and his mother received a letter in the mail, stating that his father had been killed. Prior to entering the seminary, Stalin was the leader of a street gang as a young boy, he was already making his name for being brutal and violent. He targeted so called “enemies of the people”. Stalin was sent by his mother to the seminary to train to become a priest. Stalin excelled in school and earned a scholarship to Tiflis Theological Seminary in 1894, however there were signs that Stalin was not destined for this future. Many government officials and members of the communist party were taken out by Joseph Stalin and his secret police during The Great Purge. He targeted innocent soviets that he suspected, they were entitled “Robbers, rapists, murderers, and prostitutes” and they spent their sentences not in prison but in labor camps, called the Gulag. During Stalin 's reign of terror,…

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