Essay about Joseph Stalin 's Death Of One Man

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Joseph Stalin once said “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” This quote kind of symbolized what Stalin did when he would keep throwing his own people at the German snot carrying about how many millions of his people would die. Joseph Stalin help his country win World War II, but at a cost of millions of his people dead and his people’s rights were ignored.
Joseph Stalin, originally named Joseph Djuskashvili, was born in 1879 in Georgia, Russia (Mathews, 37). He attended a seminary at the age of fifteen but he was expelled before graduating. After that, he joined the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. He became one of the most radical advocates. Joseph was the fourth and only surviving child. His father, Vissarion Dzhugashvili, was a poor shoemaker. Vissarion passed away when Joseph was 11. While his father was alive, he was a drunk and didn’t do much to support his family. Ekaterina Djugashvili, his mother, was a women with a determined character. She managed to keep her son in school for six years on her own, while caring for both herself and Joseph. She was the typical mother that would do whatever she could to give her son the best life she could offer him. When Joseph was almost fifteen, he got a scholarship at the Theological Seminary at Tiflis, which provide him with clothes, food, and place to sleep. The Theological Seminary tried to separate their students from the trenches and from the whole world. He was attentive, a…

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