Joseph Mccarthy Failure

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Joseph McCarthy began his journey to become what many people consider now to be one of the most disreputable politicians. He should have never been voted for US senate because the way he achieved his power from the beginning caused his authority to be unsuccessful. In 1952, he had been elected for Senator for the state of Wisconsin, and one of the only reasons he won was because of his exploitations of the issue of Communism. The way Joseph McCarthy started his politician career was unjustifiable, his wrongdoings slowly started to buildup which caused his leadership to fail. Joseph McCarthy never started off his career as an authentic leader; he lied, created fear within the US citizens, and is considered one of the least qualified politicians. …show more content…
However, only two days later, when he was writing a letter to the US President, the number tremendously changed, in his letter, Joseph McCarthy stated that he has names of only 57 communists. All of the accusations he made on innocent citizens were backed up by little evidence. Americans were overwhelmed with the rate of communism growing in other countries; therefore they believed in Joseph McCarthy to take their country towards the rightful path. To the citizens, Joseph McCarthy was a politician that promised them to free of the communist influence on the country. However, McCarthy took that into advantage and decided it was best if he were to lie, therefore he accused many innocent people of a crime they did not commit which helped him led his way to success.
Joseph McCarthy was recognized as the most well-known and terrified communist tracker in America. McCarthy influenced the media by cleverly telling them extreme stories relating to the communist issue in the United States. People were too scared to oppose him because they would either be blamed for being a communist or having sympathy for them; by doing this he kept his name in the newspapers for years. Many citizens appreciated Joseph McCarthy because they thought he was an honest leader that would help them improve and help them solve the issue of

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