Joseph Frankl 's The Auschwitz Essay

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Viktor Frankl suffered through many atrocities that were so unthinkable; that many have a hard time believing that they happened. The fact of the matter is it did happen and an incredible amount of people were lost. It is understandable not to be influenced by Marxism on Frankl’s part. He had experienced Marxism first hand. He lost all of his freedom in the camps. He was told what to do and how to do thing every day of his internment at the camps. The recounting of his story is a great piece of work that should be read more than once. It is very clear why he can believe in existentialism and psychoanalysis after what he had been through. Existentialism being defined roughly as; living in some form and taking responsibility of ones actions. Psychoanalysis being defined roughly as; being able to talk freely about one’s life and what has happened in the course of one’s life. It is believed that to talking about thing helps people deal with their issues.

The question of how the works of Frankl and that of other figures in these fields relate to each other. In the case with Sartre, there are a lot of similarities in their schools of thought. Sartre believed that in the case of the individual human being, there are theories there are things being left out. He believed that the “individual human beings have a uniqueness in their life’s situation” (p. 227) and how that human deals with the situations needs to be looked at by the existentialist. Also…

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