Joseph Conrad's Role Of Women In The Victorian Era

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Role of Women in Victorian Era
In the male-dominated society, women have always been considered to be inferior. Western ancient philosopher Aristotle said publicly that women are the people who lack excellent quality, and women are not perfect people. Some works show that the women were always undervalued in western society during the Victorian era. Heart of Darkness is a novel written by Polish-British novelist Joseph Conrad. It writes about a story of Skipper Marlow’s experience on the Congo River. During the process of finding Kurtz, who is degenerated into a greedy colonialist from the hero who spread the Western civilization in Africa, Marlow finds the violence of colonialists and the darkness in that mystery and sacred land. The background
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Marlow 's aunt is a very warm-hearted woman, she treats Marlow like her own son, and does her best to comfort and help Marlow. She is motivated by the love to Marlow and expects nothing in return. When Marlow asks for help to his friend if anyone who can introduce him to the trade company, but no one could help him. When Marlow’s aunt knows that, she decides to help his nephew and she is determined to do anything that get Marlow appointed to be the skipper. However, Marlow doesn’t express his gratitude for what his aunt did for him. On the contrary, Marlow expresses his innocuous satire and he is so ashamed that he needed to depend on a woman to find a job. According to Marlow, “Then-would you believe it? –I tried the women. I, Charlie Marlow, set the women to work –to get a job. Heavens! Well, you see, the notion drove me”(Conrad 23). Obviously, Marlow thinks it is embarrassing that his aunt helped him to find a job. In his opinion, he doesn’t think that his aunt could really help him because he thinks that women are lack ability in society. Furthermore, “I, Charlie Marlow, set the women to work” shows Marlow is proud that he made his aunt do the work for him. That means women cannot do things on their own, and they need men to lead them. When aunt knows that Marlow got the job that he wanted, she is so happy for and praises that Marlow deserves the …show more content…
Conrad offers some comments on what Marlow sees by describing Marlow’s reflection on the scene. When Marlow arrives at the company and is ready to sign the contract, he meets two women doorkeepers who are knitting black wool. Conrad relates them as the guards of the door of darkness and evil. Marlow describes, “ She seemed to know all about them and about me too. An eerie feeling came over me. She seemed uncanny and fateful. Often far away there I thought of these two, guarding the door of Darkness, knitting black wool as for a warm pall, one introducing, introducing continuously to the unknown, the other scrutinsing the cheery and foolish faces with unconcerned old eyes”(Conrad 25). Marlow observes that it is as if they are knitting a pall, or the blanket for a dead body. Conrad uses the color of knitting to build up mystery surrounding Marlow’s journey into the African jungle. Conrad wants to reveal that the company is a hell inhabited with many devils living in it through the description of these two women. The distorted faces of these two women in fact implied the distorted souls of colonialists. They do not have a word in the whole book, but they express the feeling of mystery and fear. They are dark and mystery, and they are the way that leads the men to darkness and death. Kurtz’s painting also enhances the darkness of

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