Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness Essay

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During the 1890’s and early 1900’s, the world looked to be adapting to new discoveries and innovations. The concept of colonization was flourishing, and countries such as Belgium, France, and Great Britain were using their colonies in Africa to better their own country. The resources found in the colonies helped to produced many of the goods that they would either use or sell to other countries. As seen in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, however, the costs of colonization are typically much more that the benefits. The turn of the century marked a change in the way that people thought and acted, and Conrad attempted to show this change in his novel. In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the late 1890s’ social, historical, and cultural values of society are displayed to show the importance of particular beliefs during that era. Society during the late 1890’s consisted of an extreme racism that was only increasing with the increase in colonization that European countries were adapting over this time period. The plot of Heart of Darkness is about a man who goes to the Congo on a French steamer, to work with a corporation, deemed “The Company”. The Congo was already occupied by the Company, and the Company’s goal was to collect ivory from the colony. Modern society condemns the concept of taking over other land for the purpose of improving their own country, but during this time, colonization was the norm for industrialized countries. Charles Marlow, the main character of…

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