Josef Mengele's Experiments

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Doctor Josef Mengele’s actions were immoral. The Nazi doctors performed brutal experiments on the helpless concentrations inmates. Their acts of torture were characterized by many features including individuals that ere forced to become subjects in dangerous research studies against their will, the experiments were often intentionally designed to kill the prisoners, and almost all of the subject were forced to endure mutilation, indescribable pain and incredible suffering. Mengele shunned his social and profession ethics in his pursuit to advance his academic career as well as his career with the Third Reich. He also delight in the power that he held over the prisoners he was overseeing in Auschwitz. Josef Mengele’s experiments were so atrocious and so malicious that no good could ever have come from his research. No matter how any individual assesses his “scientific” merit or analyzes the results of his “research studies” there is only one conclusion of his actions. Mengele was professionally and …show more content…
The many aspects that make up the typology of a criminal must be evaluated. The investigator must take an in depth look at the at who the individual was before they began their descent down their murderous path and what could have caused the descent. They must also explain if the individual has any mental disorders that could have contributed to their behavior. Lastly they must determine what legal action can take place based off of their findings. The Holocausts brought to lite how dark and sinister the human race can be. During this era, the world’s worst fears became reality for millions of people. While for others like Mengele it was an opportunity to see their dream of a super race come to fruition. In the end Doctor Josef Mengele was just one man, “he was the healer turned exterminator, and he has taken his place in our collective unconscious as evil incarnate”

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