Josef Mengele Medical Experiments

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Dr. Mengele and the awful things he did, what happened to him. “Josef Mengele was an SS physician, infamous for his inhumane medical experimentation upon concentration camp…” “Born on March 16, 1911, in Günzburg…”( Dr. Mengele picked Jewish people to research on because he found them different, like aliens, which was demonstrated by all the experiments he did on them for no reason. First Dr. Mengele kill many people before the Holocaust ended.“Josef Mengele “experimented “on thousands of Jews and was responsible for the death of some 400,000 concentration-camp prisoners during World War 2.”( Dr mengele was so driven to fulfill his curiosity he kill innocent people. The people that died, not all of them died a quick painless death, most died a very painful death. “...The Angel of death. And other Nazi doctors tortured men, women, and …show more content…
mengele experimented with twins andsex changes. “ Mengele performed a broad range of agonizing and often lethal experiments with …twins…”(
The twins that Dr. mengele experimented in were mostly jewish. Also the twins were rarely adults they were mostly kids, he would treat them good until he was ready to work on them. “The Nazi doctors made injections with lethal germs, sex change operations, removal of organs and limbs.”( Not all the Dr. mengele experiments were only conducted by him he had help with all the awful things done to the victims. Mengele and doctors at Auschwitz switched the genders of many people, the operations were done without any medicine to dull the pain. Furthermore, Mengele didn’t care for his victims, he saw him as lab rats.
Not all of Dr. Mengele’s subjects died, very few did survive. “In 1985, At vashem in jerusalem, a unique event took “place: a gathering of survivors of so-called medical…”

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