Josef Mengele Experiments

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Josef Mengele
The Holocaust was a tragic event that brought about many interesting people, one being the infamous “Angel Of Death,” Josef Mengele. Mengele is most famously known for his experiments on twins during the Holocaust, However, there is more to the Nazi doctor’s story.In his younger years Mengele was remembered as an exceptional student,in his adult life Mengele is best known for his experiments in Auschwitz concentration camp,even in mengeles later life there are still conspiracys as to whether he is still alive.
Josef Mengele was born march 16,1911 in Günzburg,Bavaria to Karl Mengele founder of a farm machinery firm.(Rice 75,) .Mengele was often described as a serious student and a young person with obvious intelligence and ambition.(Npag.)In
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Mengele was described as an attractive,well groomed and very aristocratic man, prisoners remember him as a man with a riding crop in his right hand,an immaculately clean uniform and finely polished boots.(Npag.) Mengele’s experiments were primarily performed on twins but he also experimented on those with genetic disorders and deformities. Mengele specifically asked guards to look for those with any unusual or striking appearances such as dwarfs,giants,twins and hunchbacks they were to be sent directly to him for his horrid experiments.(Rice77) Those who were subjected to mengele’s work were somewhat privileged they had easier jobs such as messengers they also had better food and living conditions. “Being on Mengele’s list was better than being on no list” said Eva Mozes Kor a survivor of Mengele’s “work”. the only children to be spared from the gas chambers were the twins since Mengele's work was based on them.He performed terrible medical experiments on the twins such as live autopsies and chloroform injections to change the twins brown eyes to a “superior” aryan …show more content…
It is believed that Mengele lived out the remainder of his life in Embu Brazil. Dr Josef Mengele died on February 7,1979 due to suffering a stroke while swimming,However this was not confirmed until later. In 1985 a team of forensic scientist traveled to brazil in search of mengele. They found the remains of a man named Gerard, who had died of a stroke while swimming in 1979,dental records confirmed that the body was Mengele’s who had taken Gerhards identity.”Mengele’s work is very very rare “ said Bill Panagopulos an auctioneer of historical artifacts.Most often it is jewish collectors who buy Mengele's work they are most often used to teach or donated to museums. Mengele's diary was found shortly after his death contained within a composition book entitled Illustrated Zoology.In one entry Mengele states “The real problem is to define when human life is worth living and when

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