Jose Marti 's Life And It Essay

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Another immigrant that went through a lot of hardships was Jose Marti. Jose Marti was born in Havana, Cuba on January 28th, 1853 and was the eldest of 8 children. His father served in an artillery unit of the Spanish army and even though the family had lived in Spain for part of its life, Marti and the family were loyal to Cuba and ended up moving back there after originally moving from Cuba to Spain after Marti was born. There was a real struggle for freedom between Spain and Cuba at this time period, and this sparked Marti into joining the Cuban revolt for freedom from Spain early on in his life. Independence for Cuba is the main driving force all throughout Marti’s life and it is what shapes the way in which he writes. At an early age Marti showed signs of brilliance and was convinced to start writing by a teacher he had, and this lead to him writing about Cuban revolts, which ended up with him getting arrested on charges of disloyalty to Spain. After being discharged for having a leg injury 6 months into his sentence, Marti was released and continue to broaden his education and continue the fight for Cuban independence but ended up coming to America for over 15 years in New York City. Marti at this point in his life had been to many different places around the world and while Cuba was still on his mind, he set out to explain the aspects of life in the United States. In our Bedford Anthology of American Literature, Marti set out: “To explain the mind of the United States…

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