Jones Blair Case Analysis Essay

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Jones Blair Case Analysis

1) How might the architectural paint industry be characterized?
a) The US paint industry
b) Architectural paint industry
2) How might the JB market area be characterized?
3) How can this market be segmented?
4) Which market to pursue?
a) Non-DFW Household, a high potential for growth
b) Urban professional, wants high quality paints
c) Non-DFW Professional, already dominant
d) Urban Household, very price- sensitive
5) What competitive position does Jones Blair have in its market?
6) What strategy should JB adopt to reach the segment sought?
a) Spend additional $350,000 on corporate advertising
b) Cut price by 20%
c) Hire one additional sales representative
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The largest paint producer in the Coca-Cola Industry is that of Sherwin-Williams. There is growing pressure for the reduction of emissions by the US manufacturers as the solvents of organic compounds are particularly harmful and as EPA regulations have hurt profit margins in the paint industry, limiting consumption would further do so. As sales have had a slow growth, there in turn is much necessity for more research and the development and compliance with standard regulations set by governmental institutions only fuelling merger and acquisition in the industrial segment of the United States paint industry since approximately the 1990’s. Mass merchandisers and home improvement centers, hardware stores and lumberyards, and special paint stores are three types of paint distributors. Half of the architectural coatings dollar sales are mostly made up of do-it yourself painters, then in line is that of professional painters whose sales make up about a quarter and the rest then is exported by the government and various uses in the commercial industry. Do-it-yourselfers prefer above all, a retail outlet and then they choose a brand at an attempt to obtain the best price. They then seek information about application, color matching, surface preparation and durability of goods. There too is the segment of professional

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