Jonathan Swift 's Part Iv Of Gulliver 's Travels Essay example

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One of the common proverbs of the day states the “ignorance is bliss”. Sixteenth Century enlightenment author Jonathan Swift would seem to disagree. In “Part IV of Gulliver’s Travels” a horde of dumb and barbaric brutes, the Yahoos, embody the antithesis of the idealized Houyhnhnm society. The Yahoos serve as a representation of humanity, which is the ultimate butt of satire in “Gulliver’s Travels”. The satire cultivates a force of change and self -examination, motivated by the injustices of human society. The connection between the Yahoos and humanity is clearly illustrated throughout Gulliver’s recount of his journey on the island. One of these connections, the physical similarities between the Yahoos and human Gulliver are painfully obvious. When Gulliver is first marooned on the island he resolves to take refuge with a tribe of the island’s inhabitants. During his preliminary exploration, Gulliver notes his surroundings. “I fell into a beaten road, where I saw many tracks of human feet, and some of cows, but most of horses “(2588). Soon after observing the tracks Gulliver discovers the Yahoos. “Upon the whole, I have never beheld in all of my travels so disagreeable an animal” (2589). Gulliver rightly identifies the tracks of the Yahoos as human, revealing the physical and literal connection between the two. As Gulliver soon discovers in shame, the Yahoos are humans who have none of the constructs of civilization, such as clothing. Gulliver uses clothing as a way to…

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