Essay about Jonathan Swift 's Life Of Life

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Jonathan Swift, born November 30 1667, was a renowned poet and writer. His works influence many poets during and after his time. They especially drive current philosophers to perfect their craft. Later, he was more recognized for his work in satires, than in poetry. Swift grew up fatherless, under the care of his uncle. Swift’s father had died two months prior to his birth. In addition to his father’s death, his mother could not provide for a newborn child solely. As a child he was constantly sick. It was discovered he had an inner ear disease, known as Meniere’s disease. This left the victim simultaneously nauseous and hard of hearing. To ensure an excellent upbringing, swift’s mother appointed her brother-in-law, Godwin swift, as his primary caretaker. Godwin was a respected member of the “Attorney and judges group Gray 's Inn.” Godwin soon enrolled his nephew in the Kil-kenny Grammar School, which was one of the best schools in Ireland. Swift 's transition from a life of financial deficiency to the private schooling system proved confusing. He did, however, befriend William Congreve, the future poet and playwright. At the young age of 14 swift began his undergraduate studies at Trinity College in Dublin. This proved that his difficult upbringing did not have a negative effect on his life.
In 1686, at the age of 20 he received his Bachelor’s Degree, but he wanted to pursue his Master’s. In 1688, William of Orange invaded England, initiating the Glorious Revolution, with…

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