Jonathan Liuzzo : Final Experience Paper

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Jonathan Liuzzo – Final Experience Paper - Professor Mullen My growth into the writer I have become today can be viewed and separated into three major chapters throughout my junior year of high school (first), senior year of high school (second), and first semester in college (third). For myself, a great contribution to my style of writing has developed from a sense of humor obtained from a creative tool for memorization and an inspiration to acquire knowledge from expanding my vocabulary; also I have learned multiple lessons from a rigor filled course that changed my outlook on time management and set me on a course to becoming an overall better writer. As any artist does in their particular work of art, in order to become a great writer, you must be completely invested in what you are creating. Sentences must flow as if brush strokes in a painting, and words must compile to create cohesive, clear, and complex thoughts as if the colors. Writing is just as much of an art as painting, sculpting, or drama is. Just like in writing, every artist has a particular style- the way the artist uses his brush, colors, canvas, tools- In writing, a style can be shown by a writer’s distinct use of different sentence structures, distinct types of vocabulary, or other components that distinguish one writer from another. For the first chapter in my journey as a writer, during my junior year of high school, my English teacher, Michael Foor-Pessin, would assign five words each day that…

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