Essay on Jonathan Koppell And The Ways We Lie

1095 Words Jul 7th, 2016 null Page
In the story On the Internet There’s No Place to Hide by Jonathan Koppell and The Ways We Lie by Stephanie Ericsson, both of those essays are out to have a few similarities hencing that if one would lie and be unfaithful, one would eventually end up getting caught. Everything nowadays seems to be put out in social media and how Koppell’s story says, there is no place to hide from there. There is a few ways to lie as well as Ericsson’s story says, but lying is not as easy as it looks. Both these stories seem to have a profound impact on gender roles because if a woman is caught being unfaithful, she is often viewed as a slut, rather than if the man gets caught, most of the time he is giving credit for it. In today’s media, just by glimpsing the news or social media, one can see the love life of celebrities and other people around the world. It is made easy to see who is with who and the status of their relationship. A lot of times a person might see reports of couples breaking up due to infidelity. Infidelity has always been a topic of conversation, especially when linked with issues of gender. Many would agree that female infidelity is viewed as more terrible than male infidelity. Although it seems unfair, this can be seen a lot in today’s social media. Woman are often shamed for the decisions they make, even if men were to commit likewise. A woman that has many guy friends will often be labeled as a slut while a man with many women friends is praised for it or called a…

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