Jonas In 'The Giver': Comparing The Book And Movie

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Jonas is the main character in the book and movie. He struggled with his job that he was given. He was given the job of a receiver which is he has to look at memories. In the movie it really showed how everything happened. I liked the movie better than the book. Jonas really showed his love for Fiona more in the movie than the book. In the movie and the book it seemed like the memories were strange. In the memories everything to Jonas seemed real. Jonas memorized war and thought he was gonna die. He wanted to change everything. He didn’t feel like anything was right. He knew something wasn’t right in his life. He knew a change had to be done. Jonas and Fiona changed the world. They brought color and the meaning of love. In the book jonas really felt different because in the first chapter he was different than in the middle of the book.He changed his mood from not caring to wanting …show more content…
In the movie it really didn’t seem he changed, he cared about everything in the movie and every part of it. In the book it seemed strange. The book didn’t really make sense. It was hard to picture what their world looked like. Then I seen the movie and it was way different then what i imagined.The book was hard to get into because i didn’t know what jonas was trying to do. In the movie it didn’t really show what the sterrings were. The giver was really a savior of the world if he didn’t show Jonas the memories then nothing would have been done. The book and movie are alike because they both show the meaning of love and what it would be like if it was never shown. If it was like the beginning of the book and movie there would be nothing to live for. The world was really mindless if they didn't care if a baby died. It was pretty unreal to think of yourself not having your own family. You can't express yourself with love

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