Essay on Jon Krakauer 's The Wild

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The story of a young, twenty-four year old man abandoning his former life to pursue a short, new life among the wild created vast publicity and commentary among the media and countless of other people when his decomposed body was found in Alaska during 1992. This man was Chris Johnson McCandless. He had traveled through the West and had procured friends that he created for himself on his journeys. McCandless’s actions were either lauded for being inspirational or criticized for his inane behavior. His story has been an engrossing topic as it has been developed into books, movies, and documentaries. One of the most prominent non-fiction stories written about McCandless’s death is the critically-acclaimed 1996 book called Into the Wild. The author of this story is Jon Krakauer. Krakauer and McCandless had believed that by escaping society and going out into the wilderness, they would find independence and freedom they believed they were lacking. Jon Krakauer’s rebellious youth gives the reader a suitable understanding of McCandless’s personality and the different versions of family in his life including his biological family and the one he created for himself. Jon Krakauer and Chris McCandless both had a strong distaste for “figures of male authority [arousing]… a confusing medley of corked fury and hunger to please” (Krakauer 134). Krakauer, like Chris, had a troubled relationship with his father. Both of their fathers held high expectations for their children in every…

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