Jon Krakauer 's Narrative Into The Wild Essay

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Jon Krakauer’s nonfiction narrative Into The Wild is about 22-year-old, college graduate Chris Mccandless who leaves on a two-year adventure on the road and long time dream to live off the Alaskan Wild, so he can find himself and so he did. McCandless burned all identification, donated his life savings of $25,000 to charity, left everything behind including his family, and hit the road and made his final destination in the Alaskan Wild for 110 days before he died of starvation and was found 19 days later by moose hunters. Chris McCandless is an admirable young man because he followed his dreams despite what people said and what got in his way. He was strong, intelligent, and had a heart of gold. People who encountered McCandless were deeply affected by the young boy’s company and highly devastated when the body of Chris was found. Where does one begin with a character like Chris? There are many reasons to look up to him, but the biggest reason is that Chris wasn’t afraid to follow his dreams and whatever he had his mind-set on. “If you attempted to talk him out of something he wouldn’t argue. He’d just nod politely and then do exactly what he wanted.” Says his father Walt Mccandless (pg.119) Chris cut off his whole family even Carine his sister whom he was extremely close to, so there wouldn’t be any chance that his parents would go looking for him and completely crumble his journey. Christopher McCandless made his final adventure to Alaska, he followed his dreams and I…

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