Marine Overfishing

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No Ocean Left Behind
The world’s oceans have suffered a lot at the hands of humans. The human race has done nothing but damage the already tenuous oceans to the extent of scarcity among the resources that is provided by the oceans. “Water is a finite source” (DiCaprio 193) and humans are stripping every ounce of it from marine life and its habitats. The marine environment is on the verge of extinction and action needs to happen. The population needs to come together to find a solution towards the constant destruction to the oceans. In Jon Bowermaster’s book Oceans the Threats to Our Seas and What You Can Do to Turn the Tide, compositions from Alexandra Cousteau, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Mann, Callum Roberts, and Captain Paul Watson espouse
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However, overfishing has put a strain on fish populations. “Scientific research shows that more than 90 percent of large fish are now gone from the oceans” (Mann 205). The author states that due to the escalated fishing that is taking place, a plethora of fish are no longer present. Humans are fishing at a faster rate than species can reproduce. Due to the high demand of fish, many coastal fisheries are depleting and “is leading to widespread degradation of the oceans” (Mann 204). Mann explains that maybe in the past, fisheries were once known to be limitless, it is not anymore due to the increase of greediness from man. And because of this high demand, “humanity is subjecting it to is being eroded, collapsed fishery after collapsed fishery, species by species, place by place” (Roberts 224). The author explains that various marine species, especially fishes, are in danger of being wiped out if the rate of demand stays this …show more content…
Over-exploiting fisheries, damaging marine habitats, and climate change have all contributed to the degradation of oceans. “But we humans are a rapacious species, seemingly incapable of taking good care of any place; over the past five centuries or so, we’ve done a very good job of taking from the ocean without pause to consider its fragility and the damage we’ve done to it by our indifference” (Bowermaster xii). The book Oceans the Threats to Our Seas and What You Can Do to Turn the Tide edited by Jon Bowermaster, consists of various essays by numerous people who inform the audience of the dangers of human activity and what can be done to make it better. “They are free to pursue the truth, and we are free to do what we need to do” (Watson

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