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Every country has created something which went has gone global. Some creations are sports, food, clothing, etc. Sushi is the creation of Tokyo Japan which has gone global shortly after its creation and is known as a big dish in the USA. Japan has been known since the 1970’s of making healthy dishes and for its food design. Another factor in why sushi went global is the marketing of its product in cuisines and all sorts of various sushi dishes. Everything is about trade, one country has oil, one country has vegetables and etc, and in order for other countries to obtain
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Since Japanese preferred to eat rice together with fish, the sushi became popular. This type of sushi was consumed while the fish was still partly raw and the rice had not lost its flavor. In this way, sushi became more of a cuisine rather than a way to preserve food. Later in Edo era, Japanese began making Haya-zushi, which was created as a way to eat both rice and fish; this dish was unique to Japanese culture. Instead of being only used for fermentation, rice was mixed with vinegar and combined not only with fish but also with various vegetables and dried preserved foods. Today, each region of Japan still preserves its own unique taste by utilizing local products in making different kinds of sushi that have been passed on for generations. "In front of Tokyo bay," was where the fresh fish and tasty seaweed for the nigiri-zushi were obtained. As a result, it was also called Edomae-zushi, and it became popular among the people in Edo after Yohei Hanaya, a creative sushi chief, improved it to a simple but delicious food.
After the earthquake in 1923, Nigiri sushi spread throughout Japan as the skilled edomae-zushi chefs from Tokyo, who had lost their jobs, were diffused all over Japan. In the 1980s, in the wake of increased health consciousness, sushi, one of the healthiest meals around, has gotten much more attention, consequently, sushi bars have increased in the United States.
What are the global aspects of sushi? With the growing importance of Sushi

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