Essay on Joint Strike Fighter (Jsf)

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Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

Ron D. Knapp

Professor Michael Meadows
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LG201 - Systems Engineering and Analysis
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October 09, 2011

The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program began with defense reviews conducted by the Clinton Administration after taking office in 1992. At the time, several government organizations were working on the next-generation strike aircraft. Following an intense competition, the U.S. Department of Defense on 26 October 2001, named Lockheed Martin lead
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Overall, the program has completed 321 flights this year, 28 flights ahead of plan through October. The F-35 flight test team completed 52 flights against a plan of 50 in October. The CTOL aircraft logged 22 flights against a plan of 17; STOVL jets flew 27 times against a plan of 28; and the CV jet flew three times against a plan of five. Additionally, the STOVL jet flew supersonically, and at Mach 1.3 has flown faster than any other variant to date, and achieved 7 g’s, the highest load condition to date and maximum design g’s for the STOVL. The CTOL variant is 66 flights ahead of plan and the CV is three flights ahead of plan; however, the STOVL variant is 41 flights behind plan for the year. STOVL aircraft component reliability continues to be the principal challenge. F-35 program officials are pursuing a multi-faceted approach to improve tempo, including working to obtain higher levels of spare parts from suppliers to keep the aircraft in a flight-ready condition, while completing the analysis and corrective action planning to address the root cause of any issues. And as issues arise, so does cost. The Pentagon’s cost-analysis office reports that the price per plane, including research, development and construction costs is now approximately 81 percent over the

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