Joint And Nuclear Family Systems Essay

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The term “family” and its definition is a commonly argued subject. A frequent way individuals define the family unit is any sexually expressive, parent-child, or other kin relationship in which related people form an economic or practical unit and care for any children or other dependents and consider their identity to be significantly attached to the group (Lamanna, et al. 4). Families offer a wide variety of benefits such as providing economic support and offering emotional security. There are two types of family systems, joint and nuclear, which differ in size. Although joint family systems are more common in countries in the western hemisphere, they are still widely seen in the United States as well. Joint family systems are more beneficial for family members than nuclear family systems because they offer a more stable economic foundation, stronger support system, and superior health qualities in family members. To understand the superiority of joint family systems, one must first develop an understanding of what the family systems actually are. Joint families were more common in the preindustrial societies and they are still predominant in countries such as India because of their traditional values and beliefs. This type of family system includes parents, children, grandparents, and other extended relatives. About 13 percent of American households include extended family, which is an increase of about 12 percent since the recession in late 2007 (Gao). Nuclear family…

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