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As a Lincoln student, you’ll learn how to turn being “good with your hands” into a hands-on career that builds America. Welding careers in fields like construction and manufacturing demand complex skill sets and an eye for precision. Training on industry-specific equipment, in your own personal welding booth, is the best way to hone your own skills and put yourself on the path to a career where the sparks really fly!
Throughout your Lincoln Welding training, you’ll build hands-on experience:
 Operating electric arc welding equipment.
 Welding weave and overlap beads in the horizontal, vertical and overheard fillet positions.
 Working with Stick Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) equipment - popular in outdoor facilities including pipe welding and shipyard work.
 Operating Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) equipment.
 Using plasma arc cutting techniques.
 Performing welding procedures common in aeronautic construction fields.

As a Lincoln graduate, you’ll have the skills you need for entry-level positions in the exciting, complex Welding industry. You’ll also be eligible to sit for certification testing through the American Welding Society® - this certification can add significant value to your resume and increase your employment opportunities! And you’ll be connected to our Career Services team to help you find your first job in your new career!

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