Johnson War On Poverty Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The Community Action Program distributed impoverished communities greater power, and often bypassed more traditional local, state, and federal bureaucracies, and these communities were essentially given control over their own circumstances (Germany). The Community Action Program served as a fundamental foundation in the War on Poverty, and offered “lots of promise and potential turmoil” and began in twelve cities, six rural areas, and even a Native American reservation (Germany; “Economic Opportunity Act of …show more content…
The poverty rate of adults over the age of 65 (elderly) is now about the same, but before Johnson’s War on Poverty it was higher (Danziger). The mean income of African American families rose fifty-three percent during the 1960s, and African American employment in professional jobs, including technical and clerical, double (“The Great Society and the Drive for Black Equality”). In fact, the black unemployment rate fell nearly thirty-four percent during the War on Poverty (“The Great Society and the Drive for Black …show more content…
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