Johnson Model Of Teen Interventions

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The aim of this paper is to identify a target population which is teen substance abusers and explain an intervention for this population. The intervention used to help these individuals is the Johnson Model. The Johnson model is family focused and is used with teens who suffer from addiction get the support from family in a way that is not ganging up on them using family since family is such a big value. Johnson asked families of addicts to write letters to the addict and gave them clear instructions to what to include in these letters. These letters would then be read to the addict by the person who wrote it in an attempt for the addict to agree to get treatment. Vernon Johnson’s Intervention used on Teen Substance abusers
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Per the Hazelden Betty Ford foundation intervention is defined as a deliberate process by which change is introduced into people’s thought, feelings and behaviors (Ford, 2012). When an intervention is used typically it allows an individual to realize their unpleasant behavior and the affects it has had on the individual as well as their family and friends in a nonthreatening manner. By listening to the people who are trying to help this individual the goal is to get him/her to accept the help that can be provided for them before their situation gets worse.
A population that could use a lot if intervention is teens struggling with substance abuse. For some behaviors that youth may encounter is a part of the normal youth development. In other words, these teens are competent enough to make the right choices and can very well differentiate what is right versus what is wrong. However, due to curiosity and the thoughts they battle with such as wanting to belong they choose to partake in behaviors that could potentially lead to a road of criminal
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Those components are team, planning, focused on care, addiction only, evidence, primary goal-treatment, and treatment option. When the intervention is being sought, the team is typically organized by a counselor that specializes in intervention. When the counselor gathers individuals to be a part of this team they usually pick people who are a part of the addict’s life and has an impact on the teen such as family, friends, loved ones even colleagues. When the planning occurs, this is the stage where decisions are made such as how long the intervention will be, how many session will this intervention contain and a clear explanation of what will be said in these letters that will be read. Next, focused on care is important and must be followed throughout the entire process. Whether the family is at the beginning stage of the intervention, middle or the end there should never be a time where the addict is being yelled at. For the component of addiction only this is a reminder that side conversations are not aloud. The only conversation should be the issue of addiction. Nothing from the teens past should arise in the conversation. In the case that the past does need to be brought up it must be evidence that are very detailed. Afterwards, primary goal treatment should be spoken about and agreed upon that the addict must seek treatment along with treatment options. This component as

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